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Author: Kevin EuDaly
Hardcover with dustcover, 8.5 x 11, illustrated.

In MISSOURI PACIFIC DIESEL POWER, the author, Kevin EuDaly, presents MoPac's entire diesel fleet from the 1930's to the 1990's, including T&P, C&EI and all subsidiaries. His informative and highly detailed text includes both color and black and white photography, supplemented by a unit-by-unit roster, all with lots of action and roster views selected from over 130 photographers. Hailed by reviewers as one of the best diesel books ever published.

MISSOURI PACIFIC DIESEL POWER is a chronicle of the history of the diesel on the Missouri Pacific Line, including its predecessors and its subsidiaries. From the smallest switcher purchased at the dawn of the diesel era, to the latter-day behemoths employed to move massive tonnage, the Missouri Pacific had a fascinating fleet of diesel power, sleek E-units and baby-faced Baldwins that whisked passengers across the MoPac system, and F-units and geeps that spelled the end of steam. Soon enough, EMD's became the standard, and, in turn, replaced the early diesel fleet. The T&P and C&EI added interest to the roster, as well, with a number of models added to the MoPac fold. The Alton and the Southern added a splash of yellow to distinguish further the expanding fleet.

In the latter days of the MoPac fleet, a large number of SD40-2's and GP38-2's powered nearly everything on MoPac rails. B-Boats and GP50's completed the fleet, now in its own distinguishing colors, a working blue that set the fleet against in the blue of the sky in a favorable comparison as it ranged across the MoPac world.. After being merged into the Union Pacific, the MoPac had two final locomotive purchases, SD50's and C36-7's that arrived in UP's yellow and gray. In due time, of course, the MoPac name was erased. It now resides in the depths of history, recalled only occasionally, when someone wants to know how we got to where we are today. It's a fascinating story, one we want to keep alive, if only to understand and appreciate all that has been made for us.

The MoPac roster was a complex one, with numerous renumberings, as well as strange locomotive transactions made throughout its lifetime. MISSOURI PACIFIC DIESEL POWER covers all that. It includes every diesel locomotive owned by the Missouri Pacific, T&P, C&EI, and all of the subsidiaries. Only a few tattered remnants still carry the MoPac blue, a scheme mostly seen now only in books and calendars and prized photographs languishing in someone's attic. Like many of its contemporaries, MoPac is a fallen flag., which makes MISSOURI PACIFIC DIESEL POWER more than just a book. It's a record of a special time and a specific railroad, well worth knowing and lovingly recalled here.

Chapter 1: The Early Day - The Pre-War Switchers

Chapter 2: Pre-War Passenger Power

Chapter 3: The War Units

Chapter 4: Switchers After the War

Chapter 5: The Glamour Girls - Postwar Passenger Power

Chapter 6: Replacing Steam - Covered Wagons

Chapter 7: Beast of Toil - First Generation Switchers

Chapter 8: Steam's End - Diesel's Success: The Roadswitcher

Chapter 9: Into the Second Generation - Screaming Eagles

Chapter 10: In Comes the C&EI - The Switcher Fleet

Chapter 11: C&EI's Carbodies and BL's

Chapter 12: C&EI's First Generation Roadswitchers

Chapter 13: C&EI's Second Generation

Chapter 14: C&EI's Fleet - Divided Among New Owners

Chapter 15: Competition - EMD vs. GE & the U-Boats

Chapter 16: The 15's - Second Generation Switchers

Chapter 17: The Alton & Southern

Chapter 18: A Decade of B-B Road Power

Chapter 19: C-C Road Power - The SD40-2

Chapter 20: The Last of the Blues - B-Boats & GP50's

Chapter 21: In Yellow & Gray - The Merger

Chapter 22: Transition Into Oblivion