Kato N 10029 225 Series 100 New Speed Railway Model Introduction Set, Japan National Railways

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The 225 series 100 series, which continues to be active in the "Urban Network" of JR West, is a secondary car that appeared in 2016, and the front design has been changed to one that draws a gentle curve and the image has been renewed. It is equipped with a fall-prevention hood on the front, which is familiar to vehicles in the Kansai area, and full-color LEDs are used for destination display.

In addition to the 225 series, the 223 series and the 225 series 0 series are also operated in combination, and of course it can be reproduced with a model. You can enjoy a wide variety of formations. In addition, the starter set with a compact package is a starter set that combines a vehicle, a unitrack track, and a power pack (standard SX), and is also recommended for those who are starting a model railroad.

225 series 100 series "Special Rapid Service"
Amirai General Vehicle Station I008 formation-U005 formation is a prototype
The front shape is different from the 0 series, and the side display is integrated with the new body. Reproduction
The fall prevention hood on the front is reproduced with new parts. Two types are available, one for the front part that emphasizes appearance and the other for intermediate connection when merging. The fall prevention hood is a user-attached part, and the front display is already equipped with "A New Rapid Himeji". For replacement, "A New Rapid Maibara" and "B New Rapid Omi Imazu" are available for the 8-car set, and "A New Rapid Nagahama" and "B New Rapid Tsuruga" are available for the 4-car set
A special destination display sticker is newly set as an accessory, and a newly designed "priority seat display" is also included.
The band color of the car body is a strong bluish band according to "221 series renewal car (part number: 10-1491 ~)" Color setting
Weakly air-conditioned car notation is expressed by specifications according to the actual car sticking position as of 2020
4-car set is easy to recommend even for beginners "Best selection" package

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