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Kato N 101629 Series 227-0 "Red Wing" 6-Car Set

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The 227 series appeared in 2014 as the successor to the JNR train that had been active in the Hiroshima area until 2014, and the 115 series, 105 series, etc. that were active in the area were released in March 2019 Have all been replaced by. A combination of a 3-car train and a 2-car train allows operation of up to 8-car trains, and supports flexible composition and operation. It features a red-colored design that makes you feel Hiroshima-like, such as the Otorii of Itsukushima and the maple trees of the prefecture, and is nicknamed "Red Wing".

A new generation of commuting and suburban trains that are active in the Hiroshima area are now available in KATO's N gauge. In addition to regular products, we also offer specially designed 6-car sets with stickers that include a variety of destination displays. If you combine the specially planned product with the 2-car set, you can enjoy the 8-car formation with different car numbers.

Prototypes of A39 formation, A36 formation, A41 formation, S16 formation belonging to Shimonoseki General Administration
Characteristic design based on red, beautifully reproducing "Red Wing" logo etc.
Antenna pedestal on the top car roof
Detailed features such as front wiper cover, one-man display on the driver's side of the driver's seat are accurately reproduced
Head/tail light and destination display lighting (with off switch) for each head car. The headlight reproduces the difference in color between HID light and fog light.
The power car is a 3-car set, a 6-car set is driven by a Moha 226, and a 2-car set is driven by a Kumoha 227. Each vehicle comes with traction tires. It is possible to run multiple trains in a row.
Power unit with flywheel
Body joints (without hooks) are applied to all connecting parts
Two-stage electric gear parts that can be attached to the top car head coupler are included
The top car fall prevention hood is reproduced as an accessory part
The side display part is printed in black. Destination display sticker included.
Front display is a 3-car set/2-car set: "R normal Iwakuni" 6-car set: "G normal Itozaki" is attached
Each set comes with a different front display for replacement. 3-Car Set: "G Normal Itosaki" "Y Rapid Hiro", Plain x2, 2-Car Set: "G Normal Itozaki" "B Normal Aki Kameyama", Plain x2.

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