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Kato N 10831 Series 24 Sleeper Limited Express "Hokutosei" 6-Car Add-On Set

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With the opening of the Seikan Tunnel connecting Honshu and Hokkaido in 1988, the sleeper limited express "Hokutosei" started operating between Ueno and Sapporo. The deluxe-oriented service was provided as a luxury sleeper express train and was well received, but the number of flights was reduced to one round trip in 2008.

The current formation is a mixed formation of vehicles belonging to JR Hokkaido and JR East, and cars 1 to 6 such as the lobby and private room B sleeper are JR Hokkaido cars, dining cars (Grand Chario) and private room A sleeper 7 ~ Car No. 11 and power supply car are composed of JR East cars and have kept the seat of the few night trains, but due to preparations for the opening of the Hokkaido Shinkansen, regular operation ended in March 2015 and it became temporary. It was operated until August.

Main features
Modeled as a prototype of the formation (around 2010) that is a mixture of JR Hokkaido affiliation vehicles and JR East affiliation vehicles.
Realistically reproduce the window arrangement peculiar to the private room sleeper, the difference in the handrail position due to the difference in the seed car, the emblem on the side of the car body and various gold band patterns.
The lamp shade of the dining car Sushi 24 lights up beautifully. You can enjoy the atmosphere of one of the few conventional dining cars.
Body mount coupler is standard equipment on the intermediate connection part. Reproduce the realistic organization.
Arnold coupler is standard equipment on the locomotive connection surface side. Includes knuckle coupler for replacement. The intermediate connection part is equipped with a body mount coupler as standard equipment.
7-car book case is included for both basic and additional sets. Each has a space to store one locomotive.
There are three types of traction locomotives. Enjoy with your favorite locomotive. EF510-500 Hokutosei color (Ueno - between Aomori)/ED79 (Aomori - Hakodate between)/DD51 Hokutosei × 2 (Hakodate between Sapporo)
Ohanefu 25-2 and the locomotive connecting surface side of the crab 24-505 is equipped with Arnold coupler (Includes knuckle coupler).
The set case is a 7-car type for both basic additions. One locomotive can be stored in each.

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