Accurail HO 1015 Accumate Standard Shank Couplers Kit with Coupler Boxes (2 Pair)

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Accurail HO 1015 Accumate Standard Shank Couplers Kit with Coupler Boxes (2 Pair)
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Introducing the patented ACCUMATE coupler from Accurail, the results of eighteen months of design and development work. We have met our goal to design a model railroad coupler that is simple, functional, and economical to manufacture.The ACCUMATE consists of two shank pieces that pivot around a common post, herein referred to as the hook, which carries the knuckle profile, and the blade. When coupled, the hooks are sprung into engagement, much like the common horn-hook style coupler, the blades provide the buffing, or pushing, surface. An interlock between the hook and blade limit their motion relative to one another, and provide for a stable surface to be pushed against.The integrally molded springs are sized to bias the hook toward the coupled position, and are located within the coupler box where there is enough room for springs designed to operate at a low level of strain, as in the familiar horn-hook. A stop molded onto the blade prevents the hooks from springing past the gathering range of the knuckle profile.A mild steel pin is mounted to the underside of the hook so that a magnet mounted in the track can draw it aside to effect uncoupling. In addition, the inside of the knuckle profile is shaped generally circular, so that a specially shaped tool, the SWITCHMAN can be inserted and rotated to easily spring the couplers apart without jamming or snagging as is the case with existing pivoted knuckle designs.Note that the knuckle profile has NO draft angle. This is important because this feature significantly increases the number of cars that can be pulled in a train, as the draft angle in operation becomes a camming angle that tends to lift one coupler over and out of its mate. See the recent Micro-Trains advertising in the Hobby press for a discussion of this topic and their solution to it.This is simply the BEST model railroad coupler design for the serious hobbyist. Easy, reliable, hands-off uncoupling anywhere on the layout with the use of the specially designed SWITCHMAN uncoupling tool, while retaining the advantages of remote magnetic operation, too. Draftless knuckle profile allows operation of long, heavy trains without the effects of "coupler rideup". Mates with all brands of magnetic couplers currently on the market.

No tiny springs or small metal stampings to lose or destroy
No tiny feathers of plastic to deform when cars are left in a compressed configuration
They can be easily uncoupled manually with the use of an ingenious device known as the SWITCHMAN. The special shape on the end of this little gem is inserted between the knuckles, given a twist, and voila! the cars come uncoupled. Try that with the other couplers in the field and you're sure to be frustrated
The ease of operation makes this coupler infinitely easier to use than the current train-set coupler (X2F) which is almost impossible to uncouple
Made of tough 21st century resins, not pot-metal

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