American Model Builders HO 157 West Burlington Depot Kit

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American Model Builders HO 157 West Burlington Depot Kit
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The Baltimore & Ohio, like most major roads, used structures built to a common standard. The standard for the 16' x 40' freight house dates back to at least 1906, but it was likely adapted from an even earlier design. Built in quantity along the B&O right of way over the years, the structure is quite simple, yet has certain features which elevate it above a plain freight depot giving it a presence and flair all its own. With its elevated wooden dock, single stairway, and above average roof with slate shingles, metal caps, and finials, the design offers a status befitting its position in any town.

Kit features laser-cut parts with our usual Tab and Slot and Peel and Stick construction. The B and O's unique hip roof design has been captured to a tee including custom made white metal roof caps and finials and laser-cut, Peel and Stick slate style shingle strips. Also included is the elevated dock with its intricate stairway, pre-cut wood legs, and laser scribed micro-thin 3-ply plywood deck.

When assembled, the freight house facility measures 7.5" Long x 4" Wide x 3.25" High

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