American Z Line Z 63210-4 SD45, Montana Rail Link #350


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American Z Line Z 63210-4 SD45, Montana Rail Link #350
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The EMD SD45 series included several variants of the original design, just had been the case with the SD40 series. The model was manufactured from the mid-1960s through the mid-1970s and included such variants as the SD45-2, SDP45, SD45X, and SD45T-2. The series was very successful, particularly the original model which sold more than 1,200 examples by itself. While EMD now built its locomotives using a standard frame and design (beginning with the SD35), the SD45 is easily distinguishable from its siblings by its rear flared radiator, a trademark that no other model featured. However, perhaps it was the SD45 in some ways that began to show "cracks" in the Electro-Motive Division's armor as for the first time in the company's history a model it cataloged had some reliability issues. In any event, the SD45 could pull almost anything and today, numerous units remain in revenue service on shortlines and regionals.

The SD45s feature a powerful can motor, dual flywheels, traction tires, directional controlled LED lighting, AutoLatch couplers, fine pad printing, optional pilot and plow included and the locomotives come DCC ready.

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