Arrowhead Models HO ARR-1000-01 "Committee Design" Hopper Kit, Undecorated (PRR Configuration)


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Arrowhead Models HO ARR-1000-01 "Committee Design" Hopper Kit, Undecorated (PRR Configuration)
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Undecorated Kit, "Committee Design" Hopper (Pullman-Standard 2603 HT with Miner Handbrake and Keystone Gate Hardware)
The configuration of this kit corresponds to the Pennsylvania version of the committee design hopper.

The "committee design" car refers to a family of cars whose design specifications were set forth by Norfolk & Western, Chesapeake & Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroads. It is one of the most prolific hoppers ever constructed, and it has a rich history. Depending on how one tells its story, the committee design hopper will mean different things to different people. It is one of the largest, single classes of freight car (of any type) to ever be constructed, and simultaneously, it represents a failure for cooperating railroads to standardize around a single design.

Prototype specific details:
4-piece 1955 Ajax or 3-piece 1942 Miner hand brakes
2-piece Keystone Monoloc hopper door locks or 3-piece Wine double door locks
Keystone or Wine hopper frames
Keystone or Wine gate doors
End sheet or center sill release valve mounting locations
Riveted or welded superior bolster plate
Two underframes to account for variations with: slack adjuster locations, variations in brake rod and brake rod hanger locations and a compliment of four accurate brake levers
ASF solid bearing or ASF 70-ton roller bearing trucks
Pullman-Standard or Bethlehem Car Co. styles of defect card holder
Top chord stiffner detail for Bethlehem Car Co. version
Pullman-Standard or Bethlehem variations of retaining valve rods and release valve lines.

Multi-piece small parts for high fidelity applications:

3-piece air reservoirs:
Emergency half, air reservoir body
Auxiliary half, air reservoir body
Bolted flange, air reservoir

4-piece Ajax 1955 hand brake:
Distinct 1955 Ajax brake wheel
1955 Ajax hand brake housing
Ajax hand brake release lever
Separate internal gears, chain and vertical rod

3-piece Miner 1942 hand brake:
Distinct 1942 Miner brake wheel
1942 Miner hand brake housing, brake rod, chain and release lever
1942 Miner (3290-XL) mount plate

2-piece ABD valve:
ABD valve body/emergency portion
ABD service portion

2-piece Keystone Monoloc hopper door locks or 3-piece Wine double door locks

3 piece "scale" draft boxes, with accurate key, shank, plate and bolt details

Slack adjuster with separate brake rods and loop eyes

Brass parts for high-fidelity applications:
Brass slack adjuster guard for Bethlehem Car Co. applications
Brass mounting platforms for:
ABD valve
Brake cylinder
Brass hopper frame L-braces

Wire parts:
Air reservoir, brake cylinder, ABD plumbing lines
ABD-trainline plumbing
Retaining valve lines
Retaining valve rod
Brake rods
Grab irons
Brake rod hangers
Slack adjuster loop eye for the slack adjustor on Bethlehem Car Co. applications
Coupler cut lever

Other features:
Etched metal brake step
CNC-machined wheels
Separate Air Hoses
Kadee #58 couplers
Prototypical loads

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