Athearn HO 28275 30,000 Gallon Ethanol Tank Car, TILX (Black) #193002


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Athearn HO 28275 30,000 Gallon Ethanol Tank Car, TILX (Black) #193002
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For years railroads have hauled ethyl alcohol, or ethanol as it is better known. Ethanol is made mostly from corn and is used as an additive to oxygenate gasoline thus reducing pollution. It is also being used in a mostly raw form as an alternative to gasoine. Most of this usage is in the Midwest states like Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Indiana where there is a plentiful supply of corn.

In 2004 it was mandated by the federal government that ethanol be used to replace MBTE as an additive to oxygenate all gasoline in the state of California. Since California is not a corn producing state the ethanol has to be shipped in from states with large corn crops and ethanol plants. This ethanol traffic boomed in 2004 as several million gallons were needed by refineries in the Los Angeles harbor area alone, with an additional 800 million gallons needed in the entire state.

To meet growing demand for new tank cars, UTLX Manufacturing has been expanding production capacity with a manufacturing facility in Alexandria, Louisiana. UTLX #205400 is the first car in the initial run from the new plant. The 30,000-gallon car is sized to stage the greatest number of cars at the producer's loading rack and still meet the 263,000-pound gross rail load limit. The Funnel-Flow(R) design facilitates complete bottom unloading.

Modern ethanol tank cars have a 30,000-gallon capacity. Most tank cars are owned by railcar leasing companies. Many are leased to the ethanol producing companies and carry their company logos. Fuel dealers, small refineries and other industries receive single cars and small blocks of cars that are mixed into freight trains. Large gasoline refineries may receive 100-car unit trains several times per week.

Separately applied walkway platform, manway, outlet, ladders, brake rigging detail, safety rail supports and tank saddles
Photo etched metal walkways and end platforms
Wire safety rails and end handrails
Printed placards
Body-mounted, McHenry operating scale upper and lower shelf knuckle couplers
100 ton roller bearing trucks with 36" machined metal wheels
RP25 contours operate on all popular brands of track
Highly-detailed, injection-molded body
Weighted for trouble free operation
Window packaging with Interior plastic blister for easy viewing
Minimum radius: 18"
Recommended radius: 22"

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