BLMA HO 4555 Carrier X2 Reefer Unit

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BLMA HO 4555 Carrier X2 Reefer Unit
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Prototype History:Turn-up the...cold! Designed to cool truck trailers and rail cars, the X2 series refrigeration unit is manufactured by Carrier,a leader in efficient, commercial refrigeration. Compared to earlier Reefer Units, the X2 family was designed for lowerlifecycle costs, durable construction, lower noise levels, exceptional capacity and a modern, aerodynamic design. Model Description:Now you can add an ultra-realistic Carrier X2 Reefer Unit to your trailers or rail cars! Completely painted and with micro-printing,these Carrier Reefers fit on any modern trailer style. Simply glue to your model and enjoy.

- Accurate Dimensions - Crisp Molding - Pre-Painted - Ready-to-Install

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