Classic Trains Magazine Special Edition #24 Trains Go To War

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Classic Trains Magazine Special Edition #24 Trains Go To War
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Trains Go to War, a new special issue from Classic Trains, takes you behind the scenes of the rail industry as it served major war efforts from the 1860s through the 1960s. This edition includes rare color photos as well as coverage of European and Asian war zones.

Stories include:
CIVIL WAR: When Railroading Went to War
WORLD WAR I: Railroads at the Front
WORLD WAR II: Military Railway Service in Italy
WORLD WAR II: Herr Goebbels Was Wrong
KOREAN WAR: Why We Never Stopped the Red Railroads
VIETNAM WAR: Railroading Where the Competition is a War
And more!

This special edition features historical text and photographs to show how America's railroads served in wartime, especially during WWII. Whether you're interested in railroad history, the U.S. military, or both, Trains Go to War offers a riveting look at war from the unique perspective of rail.
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