Classic Trains Magazine Spring 2019, Volume 20 Number 1


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Classic Trains Magazine Spring 2019, Volume 20 Number 1
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Classic Trains is a quarterly magazine celebrating the "golden years of railroading." Each issue covers the North American railroad scene from the 1920s to the late 1970s with extraordinary photographs and compelling writing. Giant steam locomotives, colorful streamliners, down-home local trains, great passenger terminals, recollections of railroaders and train-watchers... they're all in the pages of Classic Trains.

City of San Francisco: Modern Star of a Historic Route
By Joe Welsh
A notable member of UP's Streamliner fleet plied its historic path for three and a half decades

Study train consists of the Overland Route's top train from the years 1936, 1939, 1947, and 1955.

Big Boys That Might Have Been
By Gil Bennett
Union Pacific considered ordering a new class of oil-fired 4-8-8-4s for service on its line to Southern California

Un-driving the Golden Spike
By Jeff Terry, Thornton H. Waite, James J. Reisdorff
The original line via Promontory, long unwanted by SP, was sacrificed for World War II

Summer of Change on Donner Pass
By Shirley Burman
In 1984, Southern Pacific workers replaced one of the last wooden snowsheds with a concrete structure

Photo Special
14 photos from six decades on the Overland Route

What's in a Photograph? UP's Riverdale Yard, Ogden, Utah, May 12, 1969
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
Eastward freight fleet ready to follow the City of Los Angeles/Challenger out of the UP-SP meeting point

Big Power in the West
By A. J. Wolff
After the steam era, UP and SP continued the tradition of massive, distinctive locomotives with turbines, double diesels, and diesel-hydraulics

Checking Horseshoe Curve off the Bucket List
By J. David Ingles
A sunny morning around Altoona in 1969 yielded a successful first visit

Watch Dick Wallin's movies of Penn Central action in the Alleghenies.

View from the Apartment
By Dale W. Woodland
Catching the action on an important Reading line without ever leaving home

Farewell to Soo Line 7 and 8
By John Gruber
Loss of service in the Upper Peninsula brought "friends" out in droves

The Best of Everything: On-the-job training
By Chris Burger
New York Central's management trainee program led to a fulfilling career
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