Classic Trains Magazine Winter 2018, Volume 19 Issue 4


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Classic Trains Magazine Winter 2018, Volume 19 Issue 4
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Classic Trains is a quarterly magazine celebrating the "golden years of railroading." Each issue covers the North American railroad scene from the 1920s to the late 1970s with extraordinary photographs and compelling writing. Giant steam locomotives, colorful streamliners, down-home local trains, great passenger terminals, recollections of railroaders and train-watchers... they're all in the pages of Classic Trains.

Canadian Pacific's Rural Gem
By Jim Shaughnessy
Quebec Central featured steam-powered mixed trains in a pastoral setting

A Long Trip That Turned Out Longer
By John E. Huegel
Delays were rampant when my family took a trip from Mexico City to Hannibal, Mo., in 1945

My Conrail Beginnings
By Larry DeYoung
Remembering the years when the big blue railroad began the transition from federal ward and hopeless basket case to a reinvigorated force for change in freight transportation

What's in a Photograph? Family connection at Billings, August 2, 1961
By Jerry A. Pinkepank
Burlington Route trains for Denver and Lincoln and NP's North Coast Limited meet and exchange passengers, mail, and express

California Photo Special
Steam and diesel on Western Pacific, Great Northern, Union Pacific, Santa Fe, and Southern Pacific

Action at Jackson
By Ron Flanary
At last with my own wheels, in 1967 I finally could take in L&N's Elkatawa Hill pusher operation

How Many Ways Can You Spell Rock Island?
By J. David Ingles
To get units back on the road, shop employees prioritized function over appearance

Pullman's Summer Swan Song
By Bob Johnston
A rookie tour escort had a ringside seat for chartered sleeping cars' final season 50 years ago

The Best of Everything: Off-the-Job Training
By Chris Burger
Railfan jaunts contributed to my development as a railroader

Welcome - Farewell to two giants

Head End
-Classy freight power
-Celebrities at Sunnyside
-Reviews of new books
-6,500 miles from La Grange
-Classic Trains crew changes

Fast Mail - Letters from readers on our Fall 2018 issue

Mileposts - Commentary by Kevin P. Keefe

True Color - E6 at the 1939 world's fair

Fallen Flags Remembered - Wabash Railroad

The Way It Was
-My Best Train Ride
-Oak Hill, Population 16

Car Stop - Piedmont & Northern

Classics Today - Rock Island E units restored

Bumping Post - The Milwaukee Road's hometown station
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