CreateFX 79410 Acrylic Pine Wash (1 oz. Bottle)


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CreateFX 79410 Acrylic Pine Wash (1 oz. Bottle)
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CreateFX is a new product line that creates detail while educating, inspiring and driving innovation into schools, clubs, craft and hobby projects!CreateFX Acrylic Wash is easy to use. Apply to surface detail covering the entire surface. Let dry for 15 minutes. Remove from raised areas with a damp cloth or paint brush. This will highlight standing detail and add shadow to the recesses. To apply more selectively, thin wash with 50496 Universal Acrylic Thinner and apply to areas where shadows are needed with a fine tip brush. Remove excess or blend with 50496 Acrylic Thinner. Full cure in 24 hours, seal with clear coat.

1 Ounce of CreateFX wash.

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