Diesel Era Magazine, January/February 2019, Volume 30 Number 1


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Diesel Era Magazine, January/February 2019, Volume 30 Number 1
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Santa Fe EMD GP50s
Beginning with EMC's FR model, Santa Fe was a firm EMD customer, buying just about every new four-axle model that the builder introduced. This continued well into the late 1970s, when it took delivery of 10 GP40X models, the forerunner of the GP50. Two years later, it received its first GP50s, and buying into the builder's hype that its new wheel-slip control system made them a suitable replacement for a C-C truck design, assigned them to anything from fast piggyback trains to unit coal trains.

Canadian National EMD SD70Is and SD75Is
When the SD70Is arrived on Canadian National rails in 1995, then represented a milestone for the Canadian railroad. They marked a return to locomotives CN accepted with "off-the-shelf cabs" instead of cabs designed to its own specifications. Together with SD75I models, 201 of these units began moving freight over CN's ever-expanding railroad system in North America.

Baltimore & Ohio Fairbanks-Morse Locomotives
As with many of the nation's railroads, once B&O discovered the economies of diesel-electric locomotives, it couldn't buy them fast enough and turned to a variety of builders to meet their pressing needs. For B&O, it meant sampling three different models from Fairbanks-Morse - H10-44s, H12-44s, and H16-44s. Thirty-seven FMs were delivered to the carrier's rails between 1948 and 1957.
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