Full Throttle Z FT2055 Aluminum 33' Rib Side 2-Bay Hopper Set #1, Southern (2-Pack)

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Full Throttle Z FT2055 Aluminum 33' Rib Side 2-Bay Hopper Set #1, Southern (2-Pack)
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Includes road numbers 112492 and 112497.Aluminum first appeared in the rail industry as early as 1900. By 1931, because of its lightweight, corrosion resistance, and overall durability, experiments with all-aluminum hoppers began. Obviously, the metal offered a higher payload capacity - more coal per car for the same gross weight. After WWII, the use of aluminum on railroads blossomed. It was especially useful for hauling Western USA low-sulphur coal over distances, significantly decreasing CO2 emissions during transportation. Modern applications are found abundantly on open and closed, bottom-dumping hoppers and auto-carriers. New aluminum alloys and fabrication technologies have made advancements for light rail, inner-city commuters, metros, underground rail, express, high-speed, and magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) trains.The Southern Railway (1894-1982) was often on the cutting edge of change, earning the catch phrase "Southern Gives a Green Light to Innovation". Southern and its subsidiaries covered and serviced nearly the entire southern portion of the USA with freight and passenger traffic. In response to the creation of CSX in 1980, the Southern Railway merged with Norfolk and Western Railway to form the Norfolk Southern Railway in 1982, further consolidating railroads in the eastern half of the USA.

Each car features custom coal loads from Hay Brothers Garage
New releases are equipped with Full Throttle's own trucks, metal wheels, and knuckle couplers

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