Full Throttle Z FT3403 Offset 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper Set #1, Northern Pacific (2-Pack)

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Full Throttle Z FT3403 Offset 2-Bay Woodchip Hopper Set #1, Northern Pacific (2-Pack)
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The Northern Pacific Railway (NP) operated in the Western USA along the Canadian border. By 1883, the main line ran all the way from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Ocean, serving a large area including extensive trackage in the states of Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. Additionally, NP had international lines to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and south eastern British Columbia, Canada. NP, together with the Great Northern RR, gained control of the CB&Q RR, thus access to Chicago, the central Middle West, and Texas. Added was the SP&S RR, an important route through Washington State. The NP was among the first USA railroads to adopt widespread use of diesel power beginning with GM's FTs in 1944. In 1970 the NP, GN, CB&Q and SP&S formed the Burlington Northern Railroad. One source of income after mid-century was woodchips, once considered trash! Their use in paper production, bedding on the farm, mulches, playground surfacing, forest fire prevention, and alternative fuel made them a profitable haul. Old hopper cars were refurbished, given top-extensions and pressed into service. All manner of extensions were conceived, from wood planking and braced ply boards to welded steel sheeting and scrap parts from irreparable cars, to increase capacities for this lighter load.

Each car features custom coal loads from Hay Brothers Garage
New releases are equipped with Full Throttle's own trucks, metal wheels, and knuckle couplers

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