Full Throttle Z FT4030-1 Open 40' Offset 70-Ton Hopper Set #1, Baltimore and Ohio "Stripers" (2-Pack)


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Full Throttle Z FT4030-1 Open 40' Offset 70-Ton Hopper Set #1, Baltimore and Ohio "Stripers" (2-Pack)
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Includes road numbers 527010 and 527102.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) is one of the oldest railroads in the USA, created because the city of Baltimore, MD wanted to compete with the Erie Canal! Its dates of operation were from 1828-1987 serving New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, St. Louis, MO, and points in between. Its motto, "Linking 13 Great States with the Nation" was appropriate for a railroad that first carried Eastern USA goods and passengers into our West. In 1963 the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway took financial control of the B&O and its interests in the Western Maryland Railway. The three railroads became the Chessie System in 1973.

To satisfy America's industrial hunger for coal, 70-ton hoppers were ushered into service by the 1920s. The economical "offset-side" design was adapted to these larger capacity units. By the mid-1930s an AAR "standard" 70-Ton offset-side hopper car was developed. After WWII, this large smooth-side version blossomed, however, inherent design problems became apparent. The "offset-side" concept dwindled during the 1950s, although the prototypes lasted through the century.

B&O built this group of 3,000 offset 70-ton coalers in 1964. The yellow stripe denoted their original use for unit-train service. As larger and unique style hoppers came to the fore at the end of the century, these "stripers" became part of the general pool and appeared in various mixed consists.
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