Kalmbach Publishing Softcover Book 12806 Space-Saving Industries for Your Layout


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Kalmbach Publishing Softcover Book 12806 Space-Saving Industries for Your Layout
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Author: Tony KoesterSoftcover, 2016, 8.5 x 11, 96 pages, 200 color photographs, including a few vintage black and white photographs, tables, schematics, yard plans, one layout plan.In SPACE-SAVING INDUSTRIES FOR YOUR LAYOUT, the author, Tony Koester, provides readers with more than a dozen inspired suggestions for and examples of small- to medium-sized industries that cover the gamut of favored operations for modelers. These particular industries are notable for their cluster of buildings and operational paraphernalia that gladdens the heart of many modelers. They are fun to build, fun to observe, and loads of fun to have sitting in a favored plot on a layout. They fill up space with the busy apparatus of manufacturing with the suggestion of movement and accomplishment. No wonder industrial layouts are so popular. Something is going on. You can see it!Tony Koester has some inventive Ideas on how to add small- to medium-sized industries and the resulting traffic to a layout. Whether it is a trucking operation, or a small business, or a manufacturing operation, he demonstrates how it can fit creatively into a corner of a small layout or arranged as building fronts along a backdrop. Either way, the addition looks like it belongs to the setting. It fits right in and becomes a dynamic fixture to the glorious invention that is your layout.Included in the presentation is such obvious and useful coverage of:Prototype photographs, useful modeling tips, detailed instructions, and inspired examples on various industries such as petroleum dealers, salvage and lumber yards, freight houses, and lots more, enough to keep you occupied for quite a while.More to the point are over a dozen examples to get you started, making this book a great resource for anyone who is planning to build, or actually in the process of building a layout, as well as those who may want to add to an existing layout.Some of the plants, operations and businesses covered in this interesting book are:Retail coal yards,sheds and dealersCoal tipples and coal loadersPetroleum dealersScrap and salvage yardsCar repair shopsInterchanges and team tracksActually, the major focus of SPACE-SAVING INDUSTRIES FOR YOUR LAYOUT is to demonstrate just how an operation can be created in any situation where space is a factor. Additions, whether to a plan or a completed layout, are the entire topic of Tony's presentation. Using photographs and artwork, he shows how the real thing is translated into a dynamic model. This is not a step-by-step demonstration. There are other books for that. Here, he wants to show exactly what can be done with the space you have through some finely crafted handy work that is inspired by a photograph or piece of artwork.Through a thoughtful narrative and detailed captions, Tony captures the essence of modeling. It is an art for Tony. He shows how it can become one for you, too. SPACE-SAVING INDUSTRIES is a remarkable book. Its entire premise is to help the reader turn ideas into reality. The author does a good job doing that. If you think that your layout still needs work, you need to look at this book. It is very appealing. And it should help you get started.Tony Koester: Since 1995, a contributing editor to Model Railroader Magazine. See his column, Trains of Thought, which appears monthly. He has been the editor of Model Railroad Planning, an annual special-issue magazine. Author of Allegheny Midland and Designing and Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads. He is a recognized authority on modeling and is known for his expertise in numerous areas of the hobby.

-- Introduction: What do we mean by "space-saving" and "industry"?
-- Chapter 1. Engine Terminals.
-- Chapter 2. "Industries" within Yard Limits.
-- Chapter 3. Interchange Tracks
-- Chapter 4. Team Tracks, Freight Houses and Ramps
-- Chapter 5. Coal Dealers and Truck Dumps
-- Chapter 6. Petroleum Dealers
-- Chapter 7. Unconnected Industries
-- Chapter 8. Salvage Yards
-- Chapter 9. Big Industries in Little Areas
-- Chapter 10. Compact Industry Potpourri

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