Locomotive Annual 2017, Trains Magazine Special Edition


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Locomotive Annual 2017, Trains Magazine Special Edition
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2017 Motive Power Review
By Chris Guss
Changing times: Builders turn to rebuilding, and the locomotive business just ain't what it used to be

GE's ET44AC from the inside out
A close-up, cutaway look at the newest Tier 4 Evolution Series

Prime movers
By Greg McDonnell
Merchants of change on the motive power scene. Plus, Big Six fleets by the numbers: 28,895 Class I locomotives on two pages

Motive power makeover
By Kevin Burkholder
Pan Am Railways repowers its fleet with GE Dash 8s

Old-school survivors
By A. Ross Harrison
CP's last GP9 lives on

Keokuk Junction's unsung Geeps
By Steve Smedley
While F units grab the spotlight, GP20s help keep the KJ fluid

Siemens charges forward
By David R. Busse
Siemens’ plant in Sacramento, Calif., sends next-generation passenger locomotives nationwide

By Drew Halverson
Canadian Pacific GEs confront one of the most precarious and picturesque stretches of mainline railroad on the continent

Bitten by a Black Widow
By Mike Danneman
Western short lines revive a classic Southern Pacific paint scheme

Knoxville Locomotive Works
By Ron Flanary
KLW turns tired locomotives into fuel-efficient, clean machines

Amtrak's newest motors hit their stride
By Paul Cordingley
Siemens electrics on Amtrak's Northeast and Keystone corridors

Racing to New York at 125
By Greg McDonnell
Riding an Amtrak ACS-64

Four-axle frenzy
By Bruce Kelly
When railroads relied on fewer motors to pull fast freights

Fuel optimizer
By Tom Danneman
Montana Rail Link's unique, fuel-saving technology

More than just paint
By Kevin Burkholder
Crafting a brand-new image for Michigan's Lake State Railway

Ride on, baby!
By Greg McDonnell
Happy 50th birthday to D-L 3642, the last surviving C636

The cat is back
By Steve Gerbracht
Saving a Chessie System B30-7

By Drew Halverson
A former Frisco GP38-2 proudly carries BN Cascade Green

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