MTH RailKing O 30-20434-1 ES44AC Imperial Diesel and Caboose Set, Norfolk Southern #4002 (Proto Sound 3)


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MTH RailKing O 30-20434-1 ES44AC Imperial Diesel and Caboose Set, Norfolk Southern #4002 (Proto Sound 3)
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When an automobile is recycled, nothing much remains but molten metal. When a modern diesel locomotive is recycled, however, the frame and much of the exterior is re-used, while internal organs are replaced or upgraded. In an era when a new freight locomotive can cost upwards of $2 million, recycling old power makes both economic and ecological sense.

These models showcase the locomotive recycling efforts of the Norfolk Southern railroad. ECO engine 4700, assigned to yard service in the Chicago area, is one of a group of engines rebuilt in 2015-2016 to deliver lower emissions in major urban areas. The program was partially funded by Federal and state environmental grants - hence the map of Illinois and the slogan "Working Together for a Cleaner State" on its sides.

Locomotives 4000 and 4002 are lead engines in the "DC to AC" program begun in 2015, to upgrade 20-year-old diesels with more horsepower, lower emissions, more comfortable cabs, and conversion to AC electric motors in their 6-axle trucks. Compared with the DC motors that were once standard on diesels, AC motors can start a heavier train with the same engine horsepower; in effect, they put more of the locomotive's horsepower on the rails.

Set Features:
ES44 Diesel Locomotive
Extended Vision Caboose

Locomotive Features:
Intricately Detailed Durable ABS Body
Die-Cast Truck Sides, Pilots and Fuel Tank
Metal Chassis
Metal Handrails and Horn
(2) Handpainted Engineer Cab Figures
Authentic Paint Scheme
Metal Wheels, Axles and Gears
(2) Remote Controlled Proto-Couplers
Prototypical Rule 17 Lighting
Directionally Controlled Constant voltage LED Headlights
Lighted LED Cab Interior Light
Illuminated LED Number Boards
Operating LED Ditch Lights
(2) Precision Flywheel-Equipped Motors
Operating ProtoSmoke Diesel Exhaust
Onboard DCC Receiver
Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments
Near Scale Sizing
Locomotive Measures: 17" x 2 1/2" x 3 3/4"
Operates On O-31 Curves

Caboose Features:
Intricately Detailed Durable ABS Body
Stamped Metal Floors
Metal Wheels and Axles
Die-Cast 4-Wheel Trucks
Fast-Angle Wheel Sets
Needle-Point Axles
Operating Metal Latch Couplers
Caboose Interiors With Overhead Lighting
Decorative Brake Wheels
Separate Metal Handrails
Near-Scale Proportions
Locomotive Measures: 17" x 2 10 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Operates On O-27 Curves
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