MTH RailKing O 30-20534-1 LO-V 4-Car Subway Set with LED Lights, Metropolitan Transportation Authority


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MTH RailKing O 30-20534-1 LO-V 4-Car Subway Set with LED Lights, Metropolitan Transportation Authority
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Recreate the magic of Christmas in New York City with this old-time subway set. Imagine your passengers taking this train to holiday traditions like the Radio City Rockettes, ice skating in Central Park or gaping at the window displays on 5th Avenue.

The LO-V cars arrived in New York from 1916-1924. Built by Pullman and American Car and Foundry, the 600 powered cars and 510 non-powered trailers satisfied the Interborough Rapid Transit's need for more capacity as the system expanded. Typical of subway equipment of their day, the steel-sided cars featured rattan seating and rather dim overhead lighting.

From the motorman's point of view, the LO-V cars (for "low voltage") were a dramatic improvement in job safety. In previous HI-V cars, the motorman had his hand on a controller directly connected to 600 volts of direct current on the third rail - whereas the new LO-V cars used a low voltage control ler, or throttle, to control the high voltage that actually powered the car. The LO-V cars incorporated a master controller powered by a 32-volt battery, enabling the motorman to control the 600 volts passing through the DC switches located under the car without fear of electrocution. The LO-V cars ran well into the 1960s before being replaced by new cars with plush seating and bright fluorescent lighting.

This RailKing subway set features multicolor holiday LED lights; detailed, illuminated interiors; and transit stop simulation available only from M.T.H., allowing you to program the train to stop automatically at designated station stops. When configured to run on automatic, the LO-V subway stops itself at locations you define and calls out station names that you select in advance; the subway essentially runs itself. And when you program the LO-V for an out-and-back route, it even reverses itself and heads back downtown when it reaches the end of the line - stopping along the way at each station to broadcast the name of the stop and the hustle and bustle of passengers coming and going.

Contains Car Numbers:

4-Car Consist with (1) Powered Car, (3) Non-Powered Cars

Powered Car Features:
Intricately Detailed ABS Bodies
Die-Cast Truck Sides & Pilots
Metal Chassis
Authentic Paint Scheme
Metal Wheels, Axles and Gears
(2) Remote Controlled Proto-Couplers
Prototypical Rule 17 Lighting
Directionally Controlled Constant voltage LED Headlights
Lighted Cab Interiors
Body Mounted Colored LED Lights
(2) Precision Flywheel Equipped Motors
Onboard DCC/DCS Decoder
Locomotive Speed Control In Scale MPH Increments
Equipped With Proto-Sound 3.0 Featuring Station Stop Proto-Effects
Each Car Measures 14 5/8" x 2 1/4" x 3 1/8"
Operates On O-31 Curves

Non-Powered Car Features:
Durable ABS Intricately Detailed Bodies
Metal Wheels and Axles
Overhead Interior Lighting
Die-Cast 4-Wheel Trucks
Operating Die-Cast Metal Couplers
Authentic Paint Scheme
Detailed Car Interiors
Stamped Metal Floors
Detailed Car Undercarriage
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