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NCE 524043 (CAB06p) Intermediate Engineer Throttle with LED Display and Potentiometer Speed Knob Standard

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Intermediate standard cab with potentiometer speed control.

This 4 digit display normallyindicates the current locomotiveaddress and its forward/reversestatus.

This knob controls the speed of thelocomotive. It turns a digitalencoder inside the plastic case. Ifthe cab is set to "yard" mode theknob is "center off", turning it to theleft goes faster in reverse, turningit to the right goes faster inforward.

Pressing the DIRECTION key willcause the loco to change direction. This button is disabled when thecab is in "yard" mode.

This selects the locomotive/consist to operate. Type in the loco/consistnumber, then press ENTER.

This button is factory set to operate Function 2 for the horn/whistle feature of DCC sound systems. Unlike other keys which toggle functions on and off this key is momentary, activating the function only as long as the button is held down. If you want Function 2 to toggle on and off use the 2 button. This button also turns on the cab if it is radio equipped.

All of the buttons of the CAB06 have several different uses. Forexample, the SELECT button acts as Select Loco but it may also beused as Select Accessory if SHIFT is pressed before pressing SELECT. The SHIFT button selects the "shift level" of the other cabbuttons. Pressing SHIFT once puts the cab at Shift Level 1. Thedecimal point above the 1 on the LED display will light indicatingShift Level 1. If SHIFT is pressed a second time the 2 will light (1turns off) indicating Shift Level 2. If SHIFT is pressed a third timeboth the 1 and 2 go out indicating Shift Level 0. The CAB can be set up to have 0, 1, 2 or 3 shift levels (level 3 has both the 1 and 2 lit).When the cab is waiting for you to enter numbers the SHIFT buttonacts as the ESC (escape) key.

The keys 0 through 9 serve two purposes. First, when operating alocomotive if a number key is pressed it toggles the corresponding function on the loco (if that function is connected and supported by the decoder). The second purpose is for entering numeric data that is required for selecting a locomotive or other device. Use the 0 key for Headlight and the 1 key for Bell if you have a sound system.

The 0 button (the headlight is Function 0) toggles the Headlight on and off.

Used to confirm numeric input.

SKU: NCE-524043


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