NCE 524230 Mini-Panel Control for DCC Decoders

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NCE 524230 Mini-Panel Control for DCC Decoders
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The NCE Mini-Panel uses DCC technology to make control panel wiring much easier and effective. If you are using or plan to use stationary decoders or DCC accesories, the Mini-Panel is a must.

Use one button to control multiple switches or macros on your NCE DCC.
Up to 30 pushbuttons, toggle switches, block detectors, etc. can be connected for control of turnouts, signals and other devices.
Easy connections, convenient screw terminals.
Easy programming, just plug in an NCE ProCab.
Simple hook up, one Cab Bus connection and 2 wires for each pushbutton or other input device.
Can be used to perform simple automatic train control and other layout automation tasks.
Control any turnout, accessory from a button anywhere on the layout.Ideal for use with the DCC Specialties Hare, Wabbit, the NCE Switch-It, Switch8 and most other stationary decoders. The Mini-Panel is primarily intended to make it easy to build control panels for yards, towns, inter-locking's and other layout applications. A secondary use of the Mini-Panel is to provide rudimentary automation of trains or control of signals.

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