NWSL 69-4 "The Chopper II"


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NWSL 69-4 "The Chopper II"
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Rigidly constructed for precision repeatability - no sloppy, "fits all", cuts any angle (whether it maintains the angle you want or not) complexity. Use the precision mitre guides to assure accurate angle and repeatability. Retains the high precision, extremely sharp, inexpensive single edge razor blade as the cutting tool to assure economy, clean cuts from a blade you can find when you need it - at most drug, hardware or paint stores - and can afford to replace as often as necessary for clean, sharp cuts every time. Use the Chopper II to increase your precision and model making efficiency!

Miniature Length Cutter fits your workspace - only 7" x 7". Replaceable cutting mat for cleaner cuts. Cutting depth of 1/4" maximum. Cuts all model building woods, plastics. Right-hand or Left-hand operation. Diecast aluminum frame. Under 2lbs. Cuts mitres of any angle - precision guides for common angles. Safer, with more accurate repeatability.

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