Sea Port Model Works O H143W Lobster Boat with Full Hull Kit (d)


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Sea Port Model Works O H143W Lobster Boat with Full Hull Kit (d)
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These boats, in most cases, have been designed, built, owned, and operated by local families. I speak in the present tense as this trade continues today as it did 100 plus years ago. Different boat designs and past generations of haulers but the same goal, Trap Lobster. Families still maintain their specific fishing grounds and specific geographic areas have their specific fishing seasons. Whole harbors are dedicated to this one trade, Lobster Hauling. When hauling season is over some boats switch to other types of fishing but inevitably return to laying their traps in season.

This kit, of a down east lobster boat is designed to give the modeler the best advantages in building and finishing a terrific model. All of the original patterns were made in our shop with reference to the details of several prototypes and much research in books, museums, and conversations with master modelers. We call this kit a Composition Craftsman's kit as we use the finest molds and artist's resins to bring you the highest quality hand poured castings possible. The waterline hull incorporates the full bulwark, planking, vertical frames, decking. The quality pewter castings made specifically for this kit add the required detail. Our laser cut wood superstructure gives you the authenticity of a full size boat. The combination of resin, pewter, and wood allow us to make available a kit with remarkable detail. This kit includes excellent instructions, and photos.

Actual size: 8" L x 2-1/2" W

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