Woodland Scenics N ST1482 Scenic Ridge Layout Kit


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Woodland Scenics N ST1482 Scenic Ridge Layout Kit
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The Scenic Ridge layout kit includes the terrain and landscape materials necessary to build a 3' x 6' N scale lightweight layout. The sturdy, completed layout needs no plywood base or additional structural support.

Step 1: Install SubTerrain Risers and Inclines on track plan pre printed on base.

Step 2: Place interlocking profile boards around the perimeter of the layout.

Step 3: Cut profile contours with the Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter or Foam Knife.

Step 4: Cut and Install Foam Sheets to enclose tunnels and to form level areas for buildings.

Step 5: Use newspaper wads to form terrain contours and cover with Plaster Cloth to form a hard shell.

Step 6: Install Track-Bed, Tunnel Portals and Rock Faces. Apply Earth Undercoat Liquid Pigment.

Step 7: Use Woodland Scenics Road System to make realistic streets, parking lots and foundations.

Step 8: Apply Woodland Scenics Landscape Products for low and medium ground cover.

Step 9: Add trees, paint the base and your layout is complete. Add finishing details if desired

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Includes the SubTerrain, Terrain and Landscape Materials Needed To Build A 3' x 6' Foot Layout
Risers and Includes/Declines Elevate Track and Roadways
Profile Boards Form Perimeter
Build Terrain Contours With Paper Wads
Cover With Plaster Cloth To Form A Hard Shell
Install Rocks and Tunnel Portals
Add Roads and Landscape With A Variety Of Scenery Materials
Paint Layout Profiles and Add Finishing Details
Track Plan Pre-Printed On Base
Buildings, Vehicles, and Track Are Not Included
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