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Atlas has been a leader in the model train industry since its inception in 1924, offering high-quality model trains in a variety of scales including N, HO, O, and Z. Known for innovation and reliability, Atlas continues to be a favorite among model railroaders worldwide.

Discover Our Wide Range of Atlas Products:

Whether you're looking for the detailed craftsmanship of Atlas Master Line locomotives or the affordability and quality of Atlas Trainman rolling stock, we have an extensive selection to satisfy every hobbyist. Explore our Atlas track systems with options like Code 55, Code 80, and True-Track, perfect for any layout.

Build Your Dream Layout:

Enhance your model railroad with Atlas' diverse range of accessories and structures. From signal systems to trackside structures and bridges, every piece is designed to add realism and depth to your layout. Check out our Atlas accessories for more details.

Start or Expand Your Collection Today:

Atlas offers everything from classic locomotives and rolling stock to innovative track systems and detailed accessories. Their commitment to quality and detail is evident in every product, ensuring you get the most out of your model railroading experience.