Buildings & Structures


Buildings and structures are an essential part of any model railway, helping to bring your landscape to life and create a believable and realistic environment for your trains to run in. Whether you are building a bustling cityscape, a rural countryside, or anything in between, the right buildings and structures can help you to create the model train layout of your dreams.

We offer a wide range of buildings and structures to suit the needs of every model railroader. From small structures and accessories to complete buildings and kits, we have everything you need to build the perfect landscape for your railroad. Our buildings and structures are available in a variety of scales, including HO, N and Z, so you can find the perfect match for your model trains.

Model buildings are often used to create realistic layouts for model railroads. These layouts can range from HO scale to O scale and be highly detailed recreations of entire cities. The buildings and structures help create a sense of realism and provide a backdrop for the trains and other elements of your layout. Build or expand your towns and cities to suit your era, with buildings and N scale structures from classic houses, main street businesses, gas stations, and heavy industries, to farms, urban skyscrapers, railroad stations and more. Here at Model Train Stuff, we carry model kits for commercial buildings, platforms and ramps, religious structures and beyond.