Signals, Signs, Billboards


Add realism to your railroad scenery with signals, signs, and billboards to direct model vehicles and figures around the world you've created. Shop from assembled scenery and model kits to incorporate crossing signs, traffic signals, and billboards in HO scale, N scale, O scale, and Z scale. Model Train Stuff is your go-to model scenery only store for top brands like Miller Engineering, Blair Line, Osborn Model Kits, and more.

Signals, signs, and billboards are important elements of model train layouts that help to create a realistic and immersive experience for railroaders. These layout accessories are available in a range of scale models and styles, and can be customized to fit the era and theme of your railroad's layout.

Signals are used to control train movements and communicate information to engineers and operators. They can be modeled in a variety of styles. Modelers can choose to install signals at key locations on their layouts, such as junctions, train stations, and yards.

Signs and billboards add visual interest and realism to a layout and can be used to convey information about the location and era of the layout. Modelers can choose from a wide range of signs and billboards, including vintage advertisements, road signs, and warning signs. They can be placed at strategic locations along the track or near buildings and other scenery features.