Bring your railroad to life with lush greenery, fall colors, or glistening snow, and add trees, water, crops, shrubs, and more for a vibrant and realistic layout. Scenery can really elevate your model train layout; shop from popular railroading brands like Chooch and Woodland Scenics.

Model scenery accessories are a critical part of building a realistic and immersive modeling experience. Scenery accessories include a wide range of items such as trees, bushes, grass, rocks, buildings, and vehicles, among others. They come in different scales, colors, and styles, and can be used to create a variety of landscapes and environments on your layout.

Trees and foliage are perhaps the most common scenery accessories, and are used to create forests, fields, and parks. Model landscaping products come in a range of sizes and shapes, and can be customized by trimming or adding additional foliage. Rocks, boulders, and other geological features can be used to create mountain ranges, canyons, and cliffs along your railroad.

Model buildings and vehicles add an additional level of detail and realism. They can be modeled after real-life structures or customized to fit a particular theme or era. Vehicles such as cars, trucks, and trains can be placed along the track or parked near buildings, adding a sense of movement and activity to the layout.