In the context of modeling and railroading, figures refer to the small scale models of people, animals, and objects that are used to create realistic scenes and landscapes. These figures are an essential element of model railroading as they add depth, perspective, and a sense of realism to the overall layout. Figures are available in a wide range of scales, from 1:87 for HO scale model trains to 1:160 for N scale models.

When it comes to modeling and railroading, the choice of figures can greatly impact the overall appearance and atmosphere of the layout. For example, a rural scene may require figures of farm animals and farmers, while an urban setting may require figures of pedestrians and city workers. In addition to adding realism, figures can also tell a story or convey a particular mood or emotion.

It is important to select figures that are appropriate for the scale and theme of the layout, as well as the era being modeled. For example, a figure in modern clothing would look out of place in a 1950s-era scene. Quality figures can also be painted and customized to suit individual preferences and needs.

Populate your railroad's layout with model figures ranging from waiting passengers to street performers, maintenance crews to soldiers, as well as selections in both period and modern attire. Model figures add a new layer of realism and are available to shop from brands such as Arttista Accessories, Preiser, Noch, and more. Model Train Stuff carries Z scale, N scale, O scale, and HO scale figures for modelers and railroaders alike.