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Kalmbach Publishing Softcover Book 12498 25 Freight Car Projects

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Editor: Randy Rehberg
Softcover, 2016, 8.5 x 11, 104 pages, 215 full color photographs, a few black and white vintage photographs that provide an example of the real thing to compare with the modeling demonstration.

To help you make your freight cars look as realistic as possible, 25 FREIGHT CAR PROJECTS offers a variety of all new projects that will fit right in with your thinking. While most of these projects focus on a specific prototype, the modeling techniques ably demonstrated in 25 FREIGHT CAR PROJECTS can be used in a variety of situations and on a variety of cars. The projects include typical HO and N scale rolling stock, such as boxcars, flatcars, gondolas, hoppers and reefers. And the projects range from weathering to 3D printing -- lots of interesting material to help you keep up with what is going on in model railroading today!

You can, using 25 FREIGHT CAR PROJECTS, improve the overall look of your freight fleet by following the detailed instructions delineated in each chapter. The step-by-step instructions are accompanied by color photographs, each suitably captioned to provide the kind of graphic demonstration you can expect in the best "how-to" books available and in the best pedagogical detail you would want. The general narrative from each expert pushes each project along to a resounding conclusion that will give you ultimate satisfaction. Each presentation includes a detailed list of all of the materials needed.

Here is what you get in 25 FREIGHT CAR PROJECTS:
-- 25 all-new and supremely interesting projects that you can plan and carry out to ultimate satisfaction.
-- 6 well-known model railroading authors providing their expertise. They know how it is done!
-- A variety of practical projects for all the usual equipment from boxcars to flatcars, from hoppers to gondolas and reefers.

The Editor, Randy Rehberg has assembled as able a group of modelers as can be imagined. All are experienced modelers, of course, and all are experienced presenters, mostly in the pages of Model Railroading magazine. They lead us on a fabulous trip through the tables and platforms of intricate layouts to give us these imaginative demonstrations. They are:

-- Cody Grivno
-- Tony Koester
-- Keith Kohlmann
-- James McNab
-- Mont Switzer
-- Jeff Wilson

They cover us some useful and practical projects to apply to our own layouts:

-- Patching freight cars with paint pens.
-- Making a realistic deck for a flatcar.
-- Converting a bulkhead flatcar to a gondola.
-- Modeling ore cars in gravel service.
-- Undecorating a "cheese" boxcar..
-- Weathering a war-emergency hopper.
-- Building a 3D printed gondola.

As we have said, 25 FREIGHT CAR PROJECTS contains new, imaginative material from a star-studded roster of Model Railroader authors. Thus, modelers will find a wide variety of modeling techniques and ideas. With a focus on HO and N scales and step-by-step instruction accompanied by color photographs, readers can learn how to model a range of freight cars to brighten up their layouts using the techniques demonstrated in this neat book. Here, there are perspectives that will provide a lifetime of satisfaction. Take a look at the range of possibilities that is offered in this great book -- hours of the kind of work we love and further "improvement" to the layout of our dreams.

-- Chapter 1, Weathering with Artist's Pastels by Tony Koester.
-- Chapter 2, Patching Freight Cars with Paint Pens by James McNab.
-- Chapter 3, Upgrading a Burlington Boxcar by Jeff Wilson.

-- Chapter 4, Kitbashing a Monon 50-Foot PS-1 Boxcar by Mont Switzer
-- Chapter 5, Undecorating a "Cheese" Boxcar by Cody Grivno.
-- Chapter 6, Modeling a C&NW ex-Rock Island Boxcar by Jeff Wilson.

-- Chapter 7, Replicating a Soo Line 40-foot Boxcar (N-Scale) by Keith Kohlmann.
-- Chapter 8, Making Realistic Wood Grain Doors by Jeff Wilson.
-- Chapter 9, Finishing a BN Leased Boxcar by Cody Grivno.

-- Chapter 10, Weathering a War-Emergency Hopper by Jeff Wilson.
-- Chapter 11, Decorating an ACF Covered Hopper by Cody Grivno.
-- Chapter 12, Upgrading a Basic Covered Hopper by Cody Grivno.

-- Chapter 13, Modeling an ex-CRR Aggregate Hopper by Cody Grivno.
-- Chapter 14, Building a PM Auto Frame Gondola (N-Scale) by Keith Kohlmann.
-- Chapter 15, Updating a Former Railgon Gondola by Jeff Wilson.

-- Chapter 16, Building a 3D Printed PRR Gondola (N-Scale) by Keith Kohlmann.
-- Chapter 17, Adding a Pipe to a Mill Gondola by Jeff Wilson.
-- Chapter 18, Converting a BN Flatcar to a Gondola by Cody Grivno.

-- Chapter 19, Building a Realistic Deck for a NP Flatcar by Mont Switzer.
-- Chapter 20, Making Lumber Loads for a Bulkhead Flatcar by Jeff Willson.
-- Chapter 21, Adding a Grader Load to an ITC Flatcar by Mont Switzer.

-- Chapter 22, Modernizing a Sioux City Wood Reefer by Jeff Wilson.
-- Chapter 23, Upgrading a Wilson Meat Reefer by Jeff Wilson.
-- Chapter 24, Modeling GN Ore Cars in Gravel Service by Cody Grivno.

-- Chapter 25, Placing Sheep and Cattle in Stock Cars by Jeff Wilson.

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