Atlas HO King-Size Layout Book, Book #14

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Atlas HO King-Size Layout Book, Book #14
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Six imaginative and interesting layouts with jumbo plans!
Levels 2 and 3, easy-to-follow format, track diagrams, wiring your layout, and more!
Softcover, 2011, 8.5 x 11, 84 pages, over 75 illustrations, including black and white photographs, two-color diagrams, schematics, tables, track plans.

-- 1. Introduction. Selecting the right track plan for your kind of operation; key to the easy-to-follow, large scale track plans; laying track and roadbed neatly.
-- 2. Layout HO-31: Waterlevel Western, intermediate. An excellent choice for a first layout, the waterlevel Western features the operation and scenery for two grade crossings in a twice-around mainline, with room for a turntable and industry trackage. Basic flat-top platform construction.
-- 3. Layout HO-32: Apex & Hypotenuse, advanced. A space saving rearrangement of a single 4 x 8 plywood sheet to make every square foot
count, with an extra long mainline, plenty of spur tracks, and the added interest of up-and-over trackage.
-- 4. Layout HO-33: Plywood Summit Lines, advanced. On the Plywood Summit Lines, fully engineered "cookie-cutter" construction and exceptionally compact mainline and yard arrangement leaves room for a branch and wye, a real point-to-point operation.
-- 5. Layout HO-34: Rancocas Harbor Belt, advanced. A larger, L-shaped railroad that features the simplest construction of both foundation and trackage, and is suitable as a first layout or for more advanced use. Railroading on a long up-and-over mainline, centered around a harbor and its industries.
-- 6. Layout HO-35: Berkshire Valley Route, advanced. Another cookie-cutter featuring longer straightaways. Contains a double-track mainline through scenic country with a fully equipped yard to provide for train makeup and out-and-back routing.
-- 7. Layout HO-36: Oregon Pass Lines, advanced. The Oregon Pass Lines is a big railroad with all of the fun of a mountain crossing mainline, industrial district, and yard operation. Drawings of every framing part are included to build this four level cookie cutter.

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