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Established in Milwaukee, Walthers has been a cornerstone in the model railroading community since 1932. Dive into their extensive range of model train products, from locomotives and freight cars to detailed structures and scenery, all designed to enhance your model railroad experience.

Discover Walthers' Diverse Product Lines:

Whether you are looking for the robust detail of WalthersProto, the affordability of WalthersTrainline, or the extensive scenery options from Walthers SceneMaster, our collection caters to all levels of model train enthusiasts. Explore our WalthersProto locomotives for precision and realism, or find great value with WalthersTrainline.

Enhance Your Layout with Walthers Scenery:

Create a vibrant and realistic environment with Walthers SceneMaster. This line offers a wide selection of scenery products, from trees and bushes to detailed backdrops. Perfect your landscape and add realism with our extensive range of scenery options available under Walthers SceneMaster.

Tools and Accessories:

No layout is complete without the right tools and accessories. Walthers provides a wide array of modeling tools, electrical components, and detailing parts to perfect your railroad empire. From track laying to super detailing, find everything you need for your next project right here.

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Whether you are a seasoned builder or just starting out, Walthers offers quality and variety to enrich your model railroading adventures.