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Bullfrog Snot Universal Traction Tires, 1 oz. Jar

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Belligerent Berkshires? Malingering Mallets? Derelict Diesels? Pathetic Pacifics? Sluggish Switchers? You need BULLFROG SNOT.

A sophisticated, specially secret formulated, room temperature curing, one-part green liquid plastic with very unique properties. Bullfrog Snot was concocted and brewed by a veteran N-scaler specifically to be the ideal solution for improving traction on model railroads, but it can surely apply to numerous other quirky little problems (Monorails, turntables, slot cars, Lego wheels, driveshaft couplings on engines and switch machines, etc) left to be discovered by your creative fertile imagination.

Shipping advisory: This product can freeze. Please be aware of the temperatures at your shipping destination when you order this product.

Simply power up your loco so the wheels spin slowly and apply a light coat to the wheel(s) on the geared axle. Allow it to cure (Bullfrog Snot dries at room temperature), and prepare to be amazed the next time you run your model! Great for engines that didn't come with traction tires, it can also be used to replace old, dried-out or missing tires on your motive power too.

Bullfrog Snot comes in a handy one-ounce jar, and is ready to use.