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Digitrax LNWI LocoNet WiFi Interface

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The LNWI allows you to connect compatible WiFi devices to LocoNet and run trains usingcompatible throttle apps.

Wi-Fi interface to a Digitrax LocoNet for up to four compatible mobile Wi-Fi devices and Apps.
Compatible with most Android and Apple devices running supported throttle apps
Easy Setup and Configuration. A single LNWI works "out of the box", with no additional configuration required.
Provides up to 32 LocoNet Throttle functionality per LNWI, with compatible apps and Command Station.
Up to 8 LNWI can be supported per LocoNet
Multiple LNWI units automatically resolve SSID with no additional configuration
Optional Wi-Fi WPA2 security for layout operations in public.
Option switches to fully customize all device settings
LocoNet Compatible