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Downtown Deco HO DD1052 Sisters of Mercy Thrift Store (Unfinished Kit)

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Downtown Deco produces a line of finely detailed structure kits. The kits include beautifully detailed Hydrocal castings, plastic Grandt Line doors and windows, full color signs and complete, easy to understand painting and aging instructions. Some kits also include laser cut stencils for painting the large signs on the sides of the structures. These kits are unique in the fact that the master patterns are all hand carved, brick by brick and stone by stone. This gives the buildings a much more realistic look than mass produced plastic or resin kits.

This run down looking thrift store would look perfectly in the "bad part of town" of your layout. The richly detailed hydrocal castings feature both crumbling brickwork and cracked stucco. Included are plastic doors and windows, a roof top water tank, full color signs, and complete, easy to understand assembly, painting and aging instructions

Footprint: 4" x 6"