Kato HO 2251 Unitrack R790mm 31-1/8" Concrete Tie Superelevated Curved Track, 22.5-Degree

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The next stage in realistic snap track - "Superelevation" is the term used to describe track in which one rail is higher than the other; much like a banked curve on a freeway offramp or a high speed corner in NASCAR, these banked curves are specially designed to reduce wheel wear and increase both comfort and safety in all manner of trains, fast or slow, passenger and freight. Previously available only in N Gauge as part of Kato's double track line, these curves are now making their way to the HO UNITRACK line, along with the modern appearance of Concrete ties for the most realistic looking model railroading experience yet! Just like with its N Gauge counterparts, this new series of HO Gauge tracks are 100% compatible with existing HO Gauge UNITRACK layouts using wooden tie track!

4x 790mm (31-1/8") Radius 22.5 Degree CT Superelevated Curve Track*

*All Superelevated curves require the use of an Easement track to both enter and exit the curve in order to link up with straight track.