What is a throttle?

The throttle in a DCC system is the equipment that controls the movement and direction of the model locomotives on your model railroad layout. The throttle also is used to control other aspects of the layout like turnouts, lit passenger cars, animation, and more. There are different types of throttles ranging from full-featured to ones that are simpler.

Throttles are sometimes referred to as regulators and act as a handle that can start or move the locomotive on a train. Throttles come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Do different locomotives use different throttles?

For modern locomotives, you'll find throttles that closely resemble a boat lever. Earlier diesel and electric locomotives used throttles that looked more like a steering wheel while steam locomotives feature level like handles.

What kind of throttles does Model Train Stuff carry?

Here at Model Train Stuff, you'll find throttles at a wide variety of price points for your railroad. We carry throttles from top railroading brands like Digitrax, ESU, Lionel, MRC, and more.

What else do I need for my railroad?

No matter what scale model you're modeling in, Model Train Stuff has what you need. Check out our DCC & Sound products to power your railroad and add realism to your track. While you can find train sets and freight cars in our online store for railroaders, model train enthusiasts can also find freight cars, scenery, model figures, and more. Need more inspiration for your railroad? Check out our Model Train Stuff blog where we share tips for beginners, railroad history, and highlight our favorite trains and products for railroaders.