Monroe Models N 9216 B&O Style Railroad Pump House Kit

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This model is based on a Baltimore and Ohio prototype. Pump houses were a fixture in rail yards, industrial sites, and as town water supplies from the mid 1800s through today. Changing the roof ridge detail and smoke stack style would allow the model to be used for many other railroads and scenery locations. Once the need for steam pumping was no longer require, many of these buildings were converted to electric drive pumps, or other uses including storage or offices.

Kit features bass wood walls, peel-and-stick roofing, peel-and-stick doors, and windows, plus accurate ridge, and smoke jack details. Assembly instructions and drawings are included.

Dimensions: Building Base: 2-15/16" L x 1-1/16" W
Overall: 3-1/4" L x 1-3/8" W x 1-5/16" H