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MTH RealTrax O 40-1068 O72 Wye Remote Switch

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These new MTH RealTrax switches are not your everyday O gauge turnouts. There are no plastic or metal pins to lose or confuse. Better yet, the RealTrax Switches perform all the functions of other switches, but more efficiently and proficiently. Inside the Switch Block (lantern housing) are four powerful but efficient and quiet solenoid coils that drive the switch points back and forth at a voltage and current draw, yet unexperienced in model railroading: RealTrax Switches operate on only 10 Volts and 1.25 Amps. Each switch contains a spring-loaded mechanism that ensures that the points always will be in the correct position and features a double-micro switch-driven non-derailing feature. With RealTrax Switches, worries about derailments or inconsistent operation are a thing of the past.

RealTrax Switches are constructed of sturdy ABS plastic, nickel silver rails and simple yet sturdy electronics. The design has been streamlined with features like a Switch Block Cover that hides the opening to the switch's underside and a Screw Terminal Cover that hides the traditionally unsightly yet necessary wire connections. The design follows other RealTrax items so that it blends into your layout, instead of standing out. With its ruggedness and slim styling, RealTrax Switches will give you years of trouble-free operation on either your RealTrax or your tubular rail O-Gauge model railroad.

Easy To Connect Snap Together Track Sections
Molded Realistic Roadbed
Authentic Looking Railroad Ties
Nickel Silver and Steel Rails
Does Not Require Connecting Pins or Rail Joiners
Dual Micro Switch Non Derailing Feature
Reversable Switch Motor
Rotating Switch Lantern with Working Light
Removable Connector Terminal Cover
Rugged and Slimline Styling
Compatible with Tubular Track Systems