N Scale Architect N 10010 (HMN010) Hanaford Mills Kit

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Hanaford Mills represents a composite of several water powered mills located across New England and the Mid-Atlantic States. A typical example is shown to the left. As with many of these mills, it was initially powered by an overshot water wheel which was replaced by a coal fired steam boiler added as part of the Boiler Room to the right side of the Mill Building. This model is intended to be built into the side of a hillside to allow for a transition to the Mill Race at the rear and the Loading Ramp at the front of the Mill Building.

This kit features laser-cut brick components that are created from our "Model Builder's Supply Line" styrene building sheets which are also available separately. The sacks, barrels, sack stacks, hand trucks and a flat bed truck shown on the label photo are part of our "Making A Scene" detail parts line.

Approx. 7" L x 4" W x 3" H