Rapido HO 138006A F30A 50' Flat Car, Lehigh Valley

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Used after 1950

The Pennsylvania Railroad's class F30A flat cars were one of the most numerous classes of flat cars on that railroad with 1500 being built between 1933 and 1934. The PRR utilized a massive one-piece steel casting on these cars, and that sturdy construction meant that many lasted an incredibly ling time. The cars were so successful that the PRR built another 250 nearly identical copies in 1951, classified as F30D.

Starting in 1954 the Pennsy converted many F30D flat cars into early piggyback service cars. These cars received perforated side rub rails, end loading ramps and four side posts.

Eighty-six cars were transferred to the new Trailer Train Company (TTX) between 1957 and 1958. These cars received additional upgrades in the form of ACF trailer hitches and revised side rails and upgraded end ramps. The TTX cars also received roller bearing conversions on their trucks. Classified as F30G, these cars were used by TTX into the 1980s, many being upgraded with full roller bearing trucks and many even painted in TTX's yellow scheme.

Rapido's new model features:
Die-cast chassis and deck for optimum weight
Correct trucks (PRR 2E-F10, roller bearing converted or full roller bearing trucks)
Turned metal wheels
Full brake rigging
Separate grab irons
Correct piggy-back details (Class F30D & G)
Equipped with Rapido's own semi-scale couplers