Walthers Cornerstone HO 933-3089 Western Coal Flood Loader Kit

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Dimensions: 32 x 4-1/2 x 16 81.3 x 11.4 x 40.6cm - Conveyor Sections; 7-1/16" 18cm Ea

Put big action in a small space with this exciting new industry on your railroad. With today's "just in time" coal delivery, meeting customer schedules demands equipment that's up to the job. Now in use in both eastern and western coal fields, these big buildings are essentially storage silos that hold tons of coal for reloading unit trains. Since the actual mine and processing operations are often miles away, this building and conveyor can be placed trackside, to imply the presence of a bigger mine operation located off your layout.

The basic building includes a variety of roof-top machinery that puts realistic detail in this highly visible location. Modular conveyor sections can be arranged in a variety of ways, or combined with other buildings like the New River Mining Company, (933-3017) or Glacier Gravel (933-3062) to model a complete scene. And, the stackable silo sections allow you to easily build a tall or short structure that can fit where overhead clearance may be limited.